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Best Quality Car Body Shop and Repairs in Somerset and South West

Vehicle bodywork blemishes can be unattractive and have a negative effect on the overall value of your car.


Somerset and the South West region we are one of the several professional teams of car body repair specialists who offer high-quality repair solutions for any model of car. We can restore your car to its best possible condition – akin to straight from the showroom.

Do you need small scratches, dents to panel replacement or full body repairs, or repairing your car to its former glory after an accident? Our car technicians have both the expertise and facilities to take care of your vehicle.
As your local Taunton Somerset vehicle repair center, Taunton Automobiles are perfectly positioned to provide the ultimate range of solutions for all your vehicle repair requirements.

Quality and Cost Effective Car Bodywork Repair

Our past clients from Somerset and the South West region provide us with fantastic feedback and reputation for domestic car bodywork repairs. The past work includes from minor paintwork scratches, bumper scuffs, dents and other similar vehicle damage. Alongside professional technicians, our workshop is fully equipped to cater for many types of minor repairs. Such car body damaged could be caused by a trolley bump in a car park, a fallen object on your vehicle’s bonnet, or a similar accident.

Paint Restoration

A cheaper alternative to a full respray is the paint restoration service. It involves machine polishing the paintwork with a cutting paste. What happens is the top layer of lacquer is taken off the ageing paintwork to restore the vehicle’s original colour and shine. Once the machine polish process is complete, a coat of high-value car wax is applied to give the new lustre more protection.

The advantage of this process is that the cost is cheaper than a full respray and minor scratches will be removed. The disadvantage is any rust or damage on the bodywork will be more obvious. Remember that if you don’t polish your car at least once a month, it will eventually lose its lustre. Many car owners tend to use this service prior to selling their car.

Body Shop and Repairs

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Vehicle Damage Solutions

Private car owners need to remember that the choice of who they wish to undertake repairs to the car is entirely theirs. While many insurance companies may direct their clients to one of their own repair body shops – this may not always be conveniently located to you. Eventually, it may make it more difficult to return if the repair is not up to your standards.

For body repairs, the professional quality of service is certified by the British Standard kite mark for Vehicle Body Repair. In addition, professional technicians are trained for repairs on vehicles such as Volkswagen, Volvo, Land Rover, Renault, Nissan, and many others.

Here are some services provided by UK car body shops at a glance:

  • Plastic welding and bumper repairs
  • Scratch and dent repairs
  • Rust repairs
  • Insurance-approved repairs
  • Valeting
  • Panel beating and welding
  • Full resprays
  • Custom bodywork
  • Classic vehicle restoration
  • Chassis Straightening and jig work
  • Non-fault accident claims

At Taunton Automobiles, you can always expect to have access to first class, local service. We will help you liaise and negotiate with your insurance company, to make partial and complete repairs hassle free and efficient.


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