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Some second-hand car buyers lack time and sufficient knowledge about cars. But not knowing how the transmission works doesn’t mean you cannot confidently shop for a car with success.

At Taunton Automobiles we offer a bespoke service to help you find the car you want for your budget. We make sure that the car is in a good state and after you make the purchase we can provide you with after sale checks. For us buying a car is not a transaction but a long lasting relationship with our customer, that is why trust is very important.

There’re various reasons for buying a second-hand car

Could be you found an exciting offer, a certified used car, an extended service plan, or maybe the car fits your dream car. The availability of a higher range model at a rate that doesn’t exceed your budget can excite any car buyer. Before you buy that car, consider two things – reliability and cost.

A visit to Taunton Automobiles can help you find a reliable second-hand car that fits your budget.

Reasons for Buying

Make a list of specific things you’re looking for in the car. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • For what use will the car be?
  • Will you be driving in the city, long stretches on the highway or off-road?
  • How many people or goods do you wish to fit in the car on average?
  • Are you looking for a car with excellent mileage?
  • Do you want a family car, a sports car or a commercial car?
  • Do you prefer manual or automatic transmission, and does the age of the car matter?

Take your time and jot down your needs. Your ideal car should complement your lifestyle and fall within your budget.


It’s difficult to know if you’re getting a good deal or not when searching alone. This is true for both private buyers and used car dealerships. Reliability and cost are inversely related – the cheaper the vehicle the less reliable it is. There’re many reasons why a used car dealership might try to get rid of a car at the cheap:

  • The car could have been sitting on their lot for too long.
  • They don’t usually sell that model hence it’s difficult to find a buyer.
  • The car is not popular in their part of the country.
  • They’ve received it from an auction willing to make a lower profit.

Taunton Automobiles is knowledgeable on a wide range of prices for different car models. This keeps us one foot ahead of the dealer and will save you that extra quid.


It is always best to have the car inspected before you buy it. Have a professional who doesn’t work for the seller to analyze the condition of the car. Taunton Automobile will have your potential car checked by our expert mechanics. We’ll alert you if the car is under any motor plan and advice on the best after care service and cost.

History of the Car

Before you buy a car, get its full history to make sure you’re not buying a junk. Knowing the vehicle’s past is important to figure out red flags if any. Taunton Automobile will go the extra mile to search every detail of the car’s past. This will help you avoid costly repairs in future.

Taunton Automobile can be a great fit for your second-hand car needs. Tell us the model you want and we’ll assist you to select the vehicle that best suits your lifestyle. No need to get bogged down moving from one dealership to another in of search of the best price, engine or colour.

We can help you to choose the right car for your needs and situation. It does not matter if you are learning to drive or an already experience one. Please tell us what are your requirements, if it’s a sports car or a 4X4 for those drives in the Somerset countryside, we will help you.


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