Car Wrapping

Don’t paint your car. Re:imagine it. Transform it. WRAP IT!


We can turn your car into something spectacular. We can offer you over 600 different colours and textures vinyls using good quality vinyls:  3M, AVERY DENNISON, HEXIS, KPMF, ORAFOL. 



Before We Start any Work

  • We ask for every vehicle to have been washed the day before application takes place
  • We can clean and de-wax your vehicle for additional cost (35pounds)
  • All vehicle body need to be clean of rust or dents. (We can organize body repairs for additional cost if needed)
  • If your vehicle has been sprayed, will need to allow at least a week of paint drying
  • You are always welcome to visit us, we will give you an advise if you need any any bodywork to be fixed or decontaminated of road grime and fallout.

Payment and Deposits

  • All orders are subject to a minimum 50% deposit payment being paid prior to ordering materials or booking in
  • Final full payment is due on collection.

Warranty and After Care

  • All materials we supply come with 5-12 years guarantee, depending on vinyl brand
  • Wash vehicle by hand using a mild detergent with no additives such a wax or take it through a brushless car wash, but do not use the wax option
  • After job is finished we will give you an advise how to take care of the vinyl.

We can change its colour to create a totally new and refreshed look – this is called a car wrapping.


The vinyl completely covers the paintwork of your car, protecting it from stone chips and minor abrasions caused through general wear and tear. If any section of the car does become damaged for any reason, the vinyl can be easily repaired or replaced.  This means that panels of your car can be individually re-wrapped at any time.

Car wrapping has become a popular choice for car owners who want to update the look of their car. It’s also adaptable to businesses who want to promote and advertise their brand with sign writing and graphics across their vehicles.

What is a car wrapping?

Car wrapping is applying a large vinyl graphic directly over the original paint of a vehicle. Applying the wrap allows you to transform the vehicles’ appearance.

Types of Wrap

There are two types of wraps, digitally printed and pre-cured.

  • Digitally printed: They’re designed on a computer then printed on a wide-format printer. They’re common with commercial and vehicle advertising.
  • Pre-cured or color changing: They are more popular and come in a wide variety of solid colors (ultra-metallic or matte) and textured films (carbon fiber or snake skin).

Best Car Wrapping

Quote in Somerset
  • Small car – Smart car £450
  • Small car – Fiesta £600
  • Medium Car – AUDI A3  £700
  • Bigger Saloon Car – AUDI A4 £800
  • Big Car – BMW 7 Series £900
  • Mini Van – Touran, Zafira £800
  • Vans from £1000
  • Custom jobs from £1000
  • DECHROMING   (Contact for price, this depends on a the model of vehicle)

  • Bonnet + Roof + Tailgate start from £200
  • Door Shuts are charged extra approximately £200-350. Depending on the complexity of vehicle shape.
  • All prices are guideline for labour cost only. Additional cost for vinyl will be added on a booking time.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact us.


Cleaning the Car Wrap

Many vehicles owners especially in advertising business rarely clean their wraps. Regular cleaning will keep the wrap in an excellent condition for longer, maintain the car’s good looks and prolong the life of the graphics. Regular cleaning is more important, especially when driving at high elevations or in congested urban areas.

  • High elevations: In mountainous areas, the UV damage and exposure to higher sea levels increases due to thinner air and lower UV filtering.
  • Congested urban or Industrial areas: Smog and pollutants can reduce the durability on the horizontal areas of the wrap as trapped chemicals increase UV exposure.

Regular cleaning can reduce such effects. Apply approved wax after cleaning to provide added UV protection on the horizontal areas.

Pros of Car Wrapping

Reversible: One of the main advantages of car wrapping is you can reverse the process if you grow tired of the look or the color fades. Upon reversal, you can restore the original factory color or choose a color that is fashionable or trending.

Protection: Every area of your vehicle covered in vinyl protects your factory paint from extreme weather and prolonged sun exposure. It can also act as a shield against stone chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards.

Accidents: If you get a scratch or your car gets a dent, you can cover it with a new panel to retain the same color. This will reduce the repairs cost as you don’t have to respray the entire car to maintain a uniform even finish.

Easy Maintenance: A traditional paint job is more expensive to do in comparison to a vehicle wrap. Additionally, you don’t need to constantly wax your car. Handwashing with soap and water can still give it a glossy finish.

Resale Value: Painting a car in most cases reduces the resale value even if it’s the original factory color. The vinyl wrap can last for more than 5 years as it protects the paintwork underneath. The ability to maintain the factory paint will help maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

To get a good quality car wrap, invest in a durable design and employ a professional to produce and install the wrap. A certified installer will give you a warranty and will guarantee a beautiful finish without scuffed edges or cuts in the paintwork.


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  • Incredible work, my car has been completely changed.James
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