Window Tinting in Taunton and Somerset

Best Quality Window Tinting in Taunton and Somerset

Window tinting on vehicles is popular these days.


Window tint film is an inexpensive, cool and appropriate way to enhance the quality of the interior and exterior space.

Apart from giving your car a sporty look, window tinting improves privacy while letting in enough light and visibility. It reduces glare, helps keep out heat during summer and retain it during winter. Window tinting reduces the cost of air conditioning and heating your car. Additionally, some window tint film can block ultraviolet rays which can damage and fade the car’s interior or damage your skin.


Types of Car Window Tint

Car window tinting has two basic categories – non-reflective film and metalized film.

The non-reflective film supports both heat and glare control by solar absorption. Dyed films provide increased optical quality and clarity through strong glare control.

Metalized films reflect the sun to keep it from damaging and over-heating the car’s interior. They also maintain privacy.

Car window tint colours vary. Popular ones are black, charcoal, gray, gold and bronze using the carbon window tint film below. You will also need to choose the shading level of your window tint. The most privacy you will have is with 5%, however this is only advisable in the back. From the picture below you will see the visibility levels. For further information don’t hesitate to contact us using the form.

window tinting shades taunton somerset


Carbon Window Tint Film

Doesn’t contain any metal.


  •    Carbon content blocks 40% of infrared light
  •    Effective in blocking heat
  •    Will cool the inside and prevents upholstery from fading
  •    Less air conditioning to heat or cool vehicle
  •    Doesn’t fade

Apart from being costlier than dyed films, carbon tint film has few disadvantages. That is why we predominantly only use carbon window tint film for all our window tinting in any shade.

Best Window Tinting

Quote in Somerset
  • 3 door hatchback prices start from £90
  • 5 door hatchback prices start from £140
  • Estate cars prices start from £150
  • Saloon cars prices start from £170
  • Coupe cars prices start from £130
  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Application Methods

Always request a professional to install the film. The cost of film and application varies depending on the type and brand of film, the experience of the installer and type of car. You can also choose to install the window film yourself. Different countries have their own laws about window tinting. Learn the different regulations about the color of tint, light transmission, reflection and type of windows that can be tinted.

To settle on the best type of car window tint means you have to consider all the options and compare them to your needs and budget. With good research, you’ll be sure to find a window tinting option that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Dyed Window Film

This is the most cost effective type of window tint film.


  •    It produces the darkest non-reflective effect
  •    Doesn’t block radio waves
  •    Reduces fading from sunlight
  •    Blocks glare from oncoming headlights
  •    Is more economical


  •    Can have unattractive bubbled appearance if installed incorrectly
  •    The layers can separate from each other
  •    Over time, the UV rays of the sun breaks down the dye turning it from deep black to purple

Metalized Window Film

It strengthens the window making it more shutter-resistant


  •    Blocks glare
  •    Blocks UV rays
  •    Doesn’t fade easily
  •    Long-lasting


  •    Can interfere with radio technology and block cell phone signal
  •    Has a shiny finish due to the metal content which is not attractive to many consumers
  •    It’s more expensive than dyed options

Ceramic Film

This recent option is the highest quality window tint and doesn’t contain metal, dye nor carbon. It contains non-ceramic and non-metallic ceramic particles.


  •    Effective in blocking heat
  •    Blocks UV rays and glare
  •    Doesn’t fade like dyed films
  •    Ideal for in-glass antennae since it allows radio signals to pass through
  •    Isn’t as reflective as metalized options


The main disadvantage is the price. It’s the most expensive window tinting option.


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