Window Tinting Devon

Best Quality Window Tinting in Devon

You can now tint your car windows in Devon with the best quality materials and craftsmanship.


We are offering only the best quality materials and skills to make sure your Window Tint lasts a long time and does not damage the original car’s glass and other materials.

We are only based 45 minutes or 41 miles from central Devon driving via the M5. Otherwise it is 58 minutes or 42.2 miles driving via the A30. Before setting off for the journey please contact us to discuss the price and best window tint for your car brand and model.


We offer Window Tinting in Exeter and other places in Devon

If you live in Exeter and would like to tint your car windows with our quality window tint please get in touch and arrange an appointment to inspect your car’s requirements and window specifications.

From Exeter your window tinting service is only 45 minutes or 40.4 miles driving via the M5 to get to our Taunton Automobiles Window Tinting service.

We are not too far from all the major towns and areas in Devon;

Torridge is 1 h 30 minutes or 66.2 miles via the A361

South Hams district is 1 h 5 minutes or 62.8 miles via the Devon Expy/A38 and the M5

Teignbridge district is only 49 minutes or 47.3 miles via the M5

Plymouth is 1 h 21 minutes or 78.1 miles via the Devon Expy/A38 and the M5

Torquay is 1 h 2 minutes or 56.0 miles via the M5 

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Over the year we have tinted numerous car brands and models

Our window tinting craftsmanship and reputation is known throughout Somerset and the South West region including Devon and surrounding areas.


  •    We are easily reachable from all areas in Devon
  •    Our Window Tint is effective in blocking heat and harmful sun rays
  •    It prevents those fine car seats from fading away especially if they are leather
  •    Add privacy to your life
  •   Window Tinting done well can add glamour to your car and life!

Best Window Tinting

Quote in Somerset
  • 3 door hatchback prices start from £90
  • 5 door hatchback prices start from £140
  • Estate cars prices start from £150
  • Saloon cars prices start from £170
  • Coupe cars prices start from £130
  • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Other window tinting services in Devon

Taunton Automobiles is not the only window tinting service reachable from Devon and South West. However we aim to differentiate our service on quality and reputation. A badly done window tinting will not only cost you money but will also ruin the quality of your vision and pose a risk. That is why it is recommended to perform due diligence before choosing the right service provider to tint your car’s windows.


Taunton Automobiles
Unit 2, Fairwater Yard, Higher Palmerston Rd., Taunton, Somerset

  • Great job guys! Had our T5 tinted this morning…… Pleasure to meet you all…. Highly recommended…Wendy
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